Piroeh, born in 1998, is a Belgian artist. He completed his art education at the Luca School of Arts in Ghent, where he developed his skills in graffiti and creative thinking. His passion for abstract painting on canvas served as a personal outlet. Although his studio is located in a quiet area outside the city, he lives in the vibrant city of Antwerp.


Since graduating in 2021, Piroeh has steadily built his artistic career. He has held various international solo exhibitions, such as ‘FINE’ and ‘Why Does It Have To Make Sense’ at Black—Gallery in Antwerp, ‘Beau Monde’ in St. Tropez, and group exhibitions like ‘Whitewater’ in Mykonos and ‘Collusion’ alongside fellow artist Nicoläs Villamizar in New York City and Madrid. 


His work and philosophy of ‘swooning’ — living life guided by intuition and gut feeling — have brought Piroeh recognition in the art world. Central to his oeuvre is ‘the Swoon’, a figure that symbolizes being overwhelmed by emotional reactions to intense experiences. This figurative expression refers to the feeling of being overwhelmed by beauty, admiration, or amazement, which Piroeh subtly incorporates into his artworks. The ‘swoon’ serves as a visual anchor point that reflects his deep connection with emotions and the human experience while simultaneously enhancing his unique approach to art.


His art is characterized by vibrant colors that burst with energy and playfulness, using fresh tones that convey emotion and expression. At the same time, his work also includes distinctive black-and-white pieces or his black-on-black series, which can only be fully experienced by walking around the artwork, thereby enhancing the strength and dynamics in these pieces.



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1998, Belgium

Lives and works in Belgium

Represented by Black — Gallery



LUCA School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium


Solo Exhibitions

2024 — 'Fine' Black—Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2023 — ‘Why Does It Have To Make Sense’ Black—Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2023 — 'Checkmate', Art-Gallery, Knokke, Belgium

2022 —’BEAU MONDE’ Winkler gallery, St Tropez, France

2021 —De Mixx, Belgium


Group Exhibitions 

2024 — 'Whitewater', Black—Gallery & Alexander Mignot, Mykonos, Greece

2024 — 'Wishlist', Black—Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2024 — 'Rebel Fever', Fourfortyfour Collective, Waregem, Belgium

2023 — 'Muse', Black—Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2023 — 'Collusion', Black — Gallery, NYC, USA

2023 — 'Collusion', Black — Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2022 — 'One', Black — Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2021 —The Guest, Belgium



2023 — REVISTA: Los artistas Nicolás Villamizar y Piroeh One presentan "Collusion" en Madrid

2023 — TAPAS MAGAZINE: ¿qué hacer en Madrid? 

2023 — SABATO: Binnenkijken bij topchef nick bril in Antwerpen 

2023 — El artista Nicoläs Villamizar estrena exposición en su nuevo estudio de Madrid

2022 — HLN: Piroeh haalt 1.600 euro op met veiling van kunstwerk ten voordele van oorlogsslachtoffers in Oekraïne

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